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Sphynxcraft Cats

Mysterious beauty awaits!

Our Cats will put a spell on you!


We have some very beautiful Queens who are loving mothers to their offspring. Here are a few of the Top Queens. The cats pictured here will change from time to time as they are retired.

GC Persona Grata Ursula of Sphynxcraft

Ursula is a Black Tortie who is our Queen Bee! She travelled all the way from Siberia to grace us with her presence! She is a loving and inquisitive girl who has us all under her spell! Thank you Elena Samsonova for your fine breeding! 

Father: CH MalinkaS Gai Yliu Tzesar

Mother: INT CH Le-Myrrr Dakota 

Angelsoftbc Jaylinn of Sphynxcraft

We call her Bluenose as per her original breeder's call name. Bluenose is an extremely affectionate and loving cat although every now and then she displays the "tortitude" all torties are famous (or infamous) for! She has excellent heart health and is a very strong maternal instinct. She makes sure her babies are cared for in the best way possible (with a little help from us, of course). This girl is a blue mink tortie.

Father: Joser Jewell of Angelsoftbc

Mother: Angelicsphynx Dingaling

Sphynxcraft Koala Cloudy Skies

Koala is a gorgeous blue mink tortie and white girl. She is very showy and loves attention.

Father: Angelsoftbc Sherlock of Bdellium

Mother: Angelsoftbc Jaylinn of Sphynxcraft