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Sphynxcraft Cats

Mysterious beauty awaits!

Our Cats will put a spell on you!

Sphynxcraft All That Jazz has earned TICA Quadruple Grand Champion title at the age of ten months! We had a lot of fun at the Calgary Cat Show April 2017! Thank you to the Calgary Cat Association for putting on such an amazing show!

Jazzy became a Regional Winner and earned 22nd Best Shorthair Cat in the Region for 2016/2017. She also earned an International Color win and was Best Blue Tortie and White Sphynx of the year!


Photo by Helmi Flick.

Sphynxcraft sponsored Judge Steve Lawson's ring at the Calgary Cat Show April 2017. Thanks to the Club for the graphics. What a nice surprise!

Our beautiful Siberian Princess, Persona Grata Ursula,  travelled all across the world to make her home at Sphynxcraft Cats in 2016!  Thank you to Elena Samsonova of Persona Grata for such a fabulous girl!!

Ursula is now a TICA Grand Champion! 

Photo by Helmi Flick

Sphynxcraft is proud to announce that Bdellium Black Magick Mr Jetson made TICA Quadruple Grand Champion at the show at Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada in July 2016!! Way to go Blackie, our little toy monster!!

Despite a brief showing, as he is now retired, he also earned third best Sphynx of the year for the NorthWest Region for 2016/2017!

Sphynxcraft sponsored Saturday and Sunday Judge's rings at the TICA Cat Fanciers of BC Maple Ridge show in July 2016 in honor of TICA member, iconic breeder, and dear friend, Frances Shownofur Fischer. Fran was a wealth of knowledge and will be remembered for her expertise in the breeding world and for her fiery spirit. She was a force to be reckoned with! Fran's loss left a void in our Sphynx crew and she will be remembered always with love and admiration.